Official release of Inbucket 2.0.0

Inbucket 2.0.0 is official.

Changes from rc1:

  • Corrected docs for INBUCKET_STORAGE_PARAMS.
  • Disabled color log output on Windows, doesn’t work there.
  • Added an online configurator to simplify creating a configuration suited to your needs.

Binaries and Linux packages available on GitHub

Release candidate for 2.0.0

The first release candidate for Inbucket 2.0.0 is out!

What’s New:

A lot has changed, but a few of the highlights:

  • In-memory storage option, best for small installations and desktops. Will be used by default.
  • Message seen flag in REST and Web UI so you can see which messages have already been read.
  • Configurable support for identifying a mailbox by full email address instead of just the local part (username).

This release also includes changes to how Inbucket is configured, default ports in Docker, and the format of log output.

Full Changelog

Official release of Inbucket 1.3.1

Inbucket 1.3.1 is available; changes since 1.2.0 include:

  • Added Button to purge mailbox contents from the UI.
  • Simple HTML/CSS sanitization; Safe HTML and Plain Text UI tabs.
  • Reverse message display sort order in the UI; now newest first.
  • Fixed a race condition during message receive.

Full Changelog

Official release of Inbucket 1.2.0

Inbucket 1.2.0 is out. There are no significant changes from rc2, but I did setup a demo instance you can play with.

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Second release candidate for 1.2.0

The second release candidate for Inbucket 1.2.0 is available!

What’s New:

  • rest/client types MessageHeader and Message with convenience methods; provides a more natural API
  • Powerful command line REST client
  • Allow use of latest as a message ID in REST calls
  • Fixed a crash bug in new monitor code

Full Changelog