Second beta release of Inbucket 3.1.0

We’ve published v3.1.0-beta2, containing many improvements from the 3.0.x series. The most significant features in 3.1.x thus far:

  • Lua scripting to support more complex configurations and integrations
  • The ability to reject mail based on the origin domain
  • Expanded TLS support for SMTP and POP3 services

More details can be found in the CHANGELOG

Binaries and Linux packages available on GitHub

Official release of Inbucket 3.0.2

Release 3.0.2 resolves build and packaging issues we ran into with previous 3.0 releases. The user experience should be the same as 3.0.1-rc2.

Changes from 3.0.1:

  • arm Docker builds now rely on amd64 frontend build stage
  • Frontend build migrated from npm+webpack to yarn+parcel, node 16

Binaries and Linux packages available on GitHub

What happened to 3.0?

We released Inbucket 3.0.0 back in October 2021, but I forgot to write a post about it. Mea culpa.

There were some problems with the initial release, the RedHat and Debian packages were incomplete. I began work on a 3.0.1 release to resolve that and upgrade some of our dependencies, but some aspects of the front end build were not cooperating.

I’ve since migrated the front end to build with Yarn and Parcel, which simplifies things a great deal, and will hopefully reduce maintenance effort for myself. I feel this is too much of a change to keep the 3.0.1 label, so this will become 3.0.2. There will not be a final 3.0.1 release.

What does this mean for you? If you want a stable docker release, you should be OK to use 3.0.0. If you want a stable RedHat or Debian package, you should use 3.0.1-rc2.

What’s New:

Change highlights from 3.0.0-rc1 to 3.0.1-rc2:

  • Many bug fixes, build & test improvements
  • Support for SMTP AUTH LOGIN command
  • Dark mode support; follows OS setting
  • Reduced chance of click-jacking
  • Docker images also available on GitHub container registry
  • Docker image tags now use modern naming:
    • stable has been renamed to latest
    • latest (unstable) has been renamed to edge
    • Version number tags are now available, ie 3.0.1-rc1
  • Docker images for arm7, arm64 (for Raspberry Pi, etc)

I also updated the screenshots on this site to reflect the 3.0 user interface.

Full Changelog

Release candidate for 3.0.0

The first release candidate for Inbucket 3.0.0 is out!

What’s New:

The biggest change from the 2.x series is a brand new user interface that makes Inbucket feel much more like an application than a website.

Other significant changes include the ability include the domain in a mailbox name (see INBUCKET_MAILBOXNAMING), and a configurable URL base path (INBUCKET_WEB_BASEPATH) to aid in placing Inbucket behind an application proxy.

Full Changelog

Official release of Inbucket 2.1.0

Inbucket 2.1.0 is official.

Changes from 2.0.0:

  • Added SMTP TLS support.
  • Added INBUCKET_WEB_PPROF configuration option for performance profiling.
  • Render UTF-8 addresses correctly in both REST API and Web UI.

Binaries and Linux packages available on GitHub